Drive for Success

We build value in every property through diligent work and proven methods.

Our Services

We create solutions so that every party achieves their goals.


With properties across the OKC metro, we have the right fit for many different businesses looking for a location. We are constantly improving our properties to create long term value for our tenants. We also work in synergy with our other businesses (The Greens Country Club, Box Talent Agency) to provide additional benefits for our tenants.


We are detail-oriented and constantly pushing the sales process forward to create positive outcomes for every side of the transaction. We have a reputation for getting deals closed by focusing on what each side needs.

Development & Repositioning

We have a long-standing reputation for finding value and improving assets. We use our network to help put the appropriate people in place to make a deal successful.


We are on the leading edge of growth in the local market. We are constantly looking for assets with multiple pathways to success. We implement systems and work a plan to mitigate risk while maximizing upside.

Our Process

Find the Win-Win
Determine the Goal

We sit down with you to cooperatively determine your end goal. We discuss the "why" behind the goal and look for multiple ways to succeed.

Implement Proven Strategies

We have proprietary systems that allow us to efficiently serve our clients' needs. We use our systems and processes to move every transaction forward with urgency and skill.

Follow Up

We always follow up. Whether with our customers, our team, or the systems we use, we constantly communicate and review progress on our set goals.

Evaluate and Refine

We evaluate our systems to improve them in real-time based on each unique scenario.